Durango vs. Telluride

Category Durango Telluride Bottom Line
At their Heart Pure Colorado chill More boutique & adult focused Each serves people differently
Vibe of the Town Folksy, with upscale freshness Boutique, glitzy feel. Both towns quaint, but Durango more diversified
Family friendly? Incredibly Somewhat Durango=over 84 travel awards, many family related
Drive Time 9-10 hours 10-11 hours Durango=1 hour less
Ski ticket pricing $89 adult

$498/6 days

$135 adult

$768/6 days

With Durango – Savings of $46 per adult ticket or $270/6 days
Children Ski School 3-4 $108 per day

4-5 $89 per day

6-12 $89 per day

2.5-4 $270 per day

3-4 $215 per day

5-6 $215 per day

7-14 $215 per day

Cheaper children ski school options
Cross Country Skiing Durango Nordic Center
Hesperus Ski Area
Telluride Nordic Center Cross Country Skiing
Flight Times ~4 hr (1 stop) ~5 hr 22 min (1 stop) Durango=1.5 hr less
Variety of Restaurants More restaurants per square mile than San Francisco Smaller amount and much narrower diversity Many more options in Durango
Presence of cost saving stores Walmart, Ross, Home Depot, Target, Big 5, etc. No larger discount stores Durango=full spectrum with glitzy too
Shopping for adults 500+ stores 100+ stores Durango serves full spectrum
Shopping for/with kids Wonderful variety Minimal options Durango, hands down!
Proximity to world famous Mesa Verde Cliff dwellings 1 hr. 2.5 hrs. MANY people choose Durango for this reason
Other Nearby World Class experiences Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (DSNGR)

Ouray ice climbing

Silverton Backcountry skiing

Ouray ice climbing Durango is much closer to DSNGR, Ouray, and Silverton
Outdoor options Unlimited, more beginner options Much to do, but less scaled toward kids or beginners Travelers repeatedly say much more to do in Durango

Nearby Hot Springs/Spas
Pinkerton Hot Springs (17 min)

Trimble Hot Springs (23 min)

Pagosa Hot Springs (1.75 hr)

Ouray Hot Springs (1.25 hr)

Ouray Hot Springs (1 hr)

Dunton Hot Springs (2 hr)

Trimble Hot Springs (2.25 hr)

Pinkerton Hot Springs (2.5 hr)

Pagosa Hot Springs (3.25 hr)

Durango has wider variety of nearby hot springs/spas
College/student presence Ft. Lewis College No College College town vibe in Durango
Waterfalls Cascade Creek Falls

Lime Creak Falls

Ice Lake Basin Falls

Adrenaline Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Cornet Falls

Wider variety of waterfalls in Durango